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Get Kylie Jenners Designer Sunglasses look for a Steal!!

So Kylie Jenner has been working with an Austrialian Sunglasses company called QUAY and she really makes these shades look awesome. These styles are well made and honestly pretty reasonably priced ranging from 75-80 dollars.

However, if this isn't within your budget and you still want that same fabulous look here are four awesome deals on some slick styles.


1.) Candy Red Shades $80

Kylie Jenner's Styish Red Sunglasses 

Get these instead for less than $20 


2.) Punker Look Purple Honey $75

Kylie Jenner Steampunk


Get these instead for less than $20

Kylie Jenner Square Lens Sunglasses


3.) Space Walk like Kylie

Kylie Jenner Bubble Sunglasses

Get these instead for less than $20

4.) Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Kylie Jenner Mirror Shades

Get these instead of less than $25

Mirror Rimless Sunglasses like Kylie Jenner

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